A message to Men !

Sometimes its just one of those days where you play this song full blast and belt it out for everyone especially the Mr.X in your life to hear ! Happy Sunday !!  … Continue reading

Luxury takes a different Flavor

We thought coffee was entering the luxury goods category when Starbucks started charging over 6$ for a flavored coffee and Nespresso began to use George Clooney as the spokesperson and charges over $6… Continue reading

Fashion Maniac and Best Dressed

Clearly and without a doubt, the best dressed person at the moment has to be Anna dello Russo.  There is something about this lady that make her able to pull of gold sequins… Continue reading

After Eight!

What ever happened to After Eight Chocolates ? I remember they were so in many years ago, and these days you barely hear about them anymore… Well today I bought a pack.  Because… Continue reading

Words to Live By

My favorite Fashion Quotes from truly remarkable & fashionable Women. Have a stylish and fashionable day !

Christmas Gangnam Style

So as the world is going Gaga over Gangnam Style… did you know that over 170 million people watched the Psy Gangnam Style video on Youtube !! Amazing! Have you seen the latest… Continue reading

Men who drive Ferraris

Have you ever heard the saying that men who drive Ferraris have small …. you know what. Well, lets just put it this way.  A man who buys a Ferrari does so only to… Continue reading

A New and Exciting Journey

Hello Lovelies & welcome to my new Blog, my thoughts, my style and the fashion world. Visit the About section of my blog to find out more about me. Then read on, and… Continue reading