Men who drive Ferraris

Have you ever heard the saying that men who drive Ferraris have small …. you know what.

Well, lets just put it this way.  A man who buys a Ferrari does so only to impress women, to sleep with women, and because he suffers from either a Napoleon complex or an inferiority complex and wants to prove himself to the world.

A woman who buys a ferrari on the other hand, does so because she truly loves the car, is a car connoisseur, adores the detail and the craftmanship.

So if a guy picks you up in his ferrari on a first date, the stereotype rule applies one hundred percent. He wants to get you into bed.  He has an inferiority complex. And he will never treat you well.

Go out with a man who drives a Bently or Aston Martin. They have nothing to prove to the world, because they are already successful.

(exceptions do exist of course, but they are rare )
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