Luxury takes a different Flavor

We thought coffee was entering the luxury goods category when Starbucks started charging over 6$ for a flavored coffee and Nespresso began to use George Clooney as the spokesperson and charges over $6 for 10 capsules (or 10 cups).

Now coffee evolves further. Harrods started selling a coffee that retails from GBP140 – GBP 6800. Uchunari coffee can be pre-ordered only, and is sourced from Quechua in the south east of the Peruvian Andes. The coffee cherries are passed through the stomachs of civet palm cats and are then collected, washed and dried on specifically-built elevated tables to be processed immediately in the jungle. The Uchunari, or civet palm cats, live with the coffee farmer where they roam freely around the house and the plantation.

So those of you who want to make money… here is some news for you:  Make coffee ! Brew Coffee! Buy Coffee! Sell Coffee. And spend lots of money marketing your coffee. Thats where the Highest mark-ups and profit is.

Then you can buy your villa in Grand Cayman and settle down for a long extended holiday – preferable sipping Uchunari.